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CoLOS is the software designed for the production of packaging lines; it has several functional features, which allow quickly solving the tasks of operators, managers, analysts, and technical staff in various industries that require flexible and efficient operation of packaging lines.

CoLOS Insite is designed for the centralized data control; this, subsequently, allows exercising direct control over marking equipment at enterprises and lines.
Multiple lines or multiple workplaces.
Faster mode change.
Reduction in the number of corrections due to code or process identifier errors.
A guarantee of ‘necessary’ information on the ‘right’ package.

CoLOS Pallet Track is the automated processing of continuous flow of complete, partial and special pallets.
Inventory management and control.
Unique number assignment to each pallet in order to improve their traceability.
Reduction in the scope of work due to the improved accuracy of labeling.
Prevention of penalties for the non-compliance with the industrial standards.

CoLOS Coding Integrity guarantees that the ‘necessary’ product in the ‘right’ package with a ‘correct’ code has been tested, approved and listed in the report.
More efficient inventory management.
Compliance verification of codes and the accuracy of their application on the product.
Guarantee of the full regulatory compliance, which allows avoiding fines and penalties
Reduction in the number of corrections and the consumption of packaging materials.

CoLOS Packaging Line Traceability is tracking of the entire product flow at the packaging line: from semi-finished products to palletized products.

  • Exact reviews.
  • Compliance with the Antiterrorist law, the EU food law and other regulations.
  • ‘Level up’ and ‘level down’ tracking.
  • Minimization of counterfeit and unauthorized modifications.

The Markem-Imaje company can assist you with the minimization of counterfeit and unauthorized modification of your products through the implementation of a consistent solution for the code application at all the departments. By means of our solutions for product tracking, which are more efficient due to the use of the CoLOS software, in combination with the coding and marking equipment and the experience in the installation at the enterprise level, you can create an operational network system to protect your trademark.

  • Monitor the flow of goods or track their movement up to the source.
  • Manage information on your trademark throughout the entire production process.
  • Scalability and flexibility required in order to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory requirements.

This section contains a technical paper devoted to important issues to be considered, when implementing a fully networked solution for the trademark protection. You can also download examples of the Markem-Imaje company’s cooperation with customers in order to create perfect solutions for the trademark protection.

The Markem-Imaje company offers solutions for product identification, which allow managing the risks that may cause a decrease in profits. We can assist with the reduction in the cost of packaging and procurement, as well as eliminate the errors associated with the human factor, whereby you will obtain a fast, consistent and efficient production line. Due to the use of innovative approaches, we can help you find a solution to your particular problem.

  • Eliminating unnecessary packaging materials.
  • Improving the efficiency of the packaging process and all the production facilities.
  • Reducing the cost of discarded products.

This section includes a technical paper, which contains a detailed description of the implementation benefits of a complete product identity management system. You can also download examples of the Markem-Imaje company’s cooperation with customers in order to create perfect solutions for the product identification.

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