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Labelling systems are a complete solution for the task in hand. The systems can be equipped with different applicators, options, conveyors etc. The systems can be used independently or integrated into a production line.

Experts of the ASprom company advise the clients; perform the selection and the development of special labeling solutions under the specification; the selection of an optimal equipment configuration; perform pre-commissioning, equipment tuning, warranty and post-warranty service.

Standard systems

With an extensive experience in the production and supply of labeling equipment, our company has developed standard labeling system for several typical production problems. The advantage is that no additional research or calculations are required; the equipment will be manufactured and delivered within a shorter period of time, since the basic package is always ready.

Special systems

With an extensive experience in the development and production of labeling equipment, in addition to standard solutions, our company modified the systems according to the peculiarities of a particular task.

Labeling top and bottom of the package

The system is intended for labeling flat and similar packages, on the top and/ or bottom. The set includes a carrying conveyor made of stainless steel or aluminum. The conveyor can be equipped with tape of different quality and size and can be designed for the left or right side.

Application of tube labels

The system is designed for labeling of cylindrical containers. The set includes a conveyor mounted with an applicator mounted on a height-adjustable fastener, a roll down unit for container rotating and label smoothing.

Application of labels and back labels on an oval container

The system is designed for the labeling of front and rear sides of a container. Due to an orienter, the system aligns containers in the same position prior to the application of a label. At the time of labeling, containers pass under the upper pressure conveyor to obtain an optimal labeling result.

For details, please send your request to the following e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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